Oh oh, are you ready
I know I know 

You want some more
So get up on the floor

And then you heart makes boom
Boom boom boom boom boom
And then she feels like 
La la la la la la la
So get up on the floor
Boom boom boom boom boom
I know you want some more
La la la la la la la


Hey dude, don't be so shy
If you wanna dance, It's all right
Come on, let's ride the night
You gotta make it through the night, han

But don't move like a crazy man
Just jump, jump and Clap your hands
Then go ask a girl to a dance
Wow, nice one !

You only get one chance
The rest is none of my business

Love on the dancefloor : you want more ?
Well that's the place, that‘s the place !

Now what‘s her name ? Jess
She good lookin' Yes !
Do you have her phone number ?
Euh no ! Why ?  


What is goin' on
And you should'n't sit here all night long
The beat is goin' on
And DJ plays your favorite song

So shake your body to the left, Han
Shake your body to the right , Yeah
Everybody have fun tonight
Everything gonna be alright

So don't be so shy
Let the music get you high
Don't wonder why
let’s ride the night

Hey party people
Put your hands up in the air
Hey party people
scream ! (screeeeeeeeaaam ! )


AUTEURS : A.Furtado, Lionel Pasquier - Parolier France


ARTY FURTADO - Get up on the floor

Genre : Dance Music / Musique Club
Pays : Suisse / Langue : Anglais

Titre déposé Suisa & Sacem
Réf. 004644 485 34

Auteurs compositeurs : Lionel Pasquier, LP Music, A.Furtado,
M.A. Furtado

Production : AF Music


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