Let me make you feel good baby eh,

So you just finished work baby
Let me treat you like a real woman should honey
So you really tired of your day

Let me make you forget about anything bad hubby
So it felt really cold outside today
Let me hug and kiss you warmly my darling
So you wanna lay down and relax
Let me cook you a good meal , no need to ask

So I'm a good girl tonight
Your wish is my command
I'm good wife let me treat you right
This is the best day of your life

I wanna rock with you baby 
Let me just rock you ouuuuh
I wanna make you feel good
Let me just rock you
Make you feel good, 

Make you feel good, 
baby, let me rock you
I wanna rock with you baby 
Let me just rock you ouuuuh


So now my work starts baby
Let me show you what being in love means honey
You' re my man your my lover
To do anything that can please you,
Say my name And I Will obey

I'm ready to win the chance to be
The lady Of the day
Ouh let me talk to you
Oh let me love you
Let me touch you we're in a bliss
Since I'am a woman you will be my man forever
Let me love you Kiss by Kiss yeah

Let me love you Kiss by Kiss
So I'm a good girl tonight

your wish is my command
Iwanna hear you say oooh ahh I  love youuuu
ouh baby let me just kiss youuuu


Auteurs : Lionel Pasquier, Vanessa Kanga
pour Parolier France & Songwriting France


Voices across the world

VEEBY - Rock You
Genre : Soul R&B
Pays : Canada  / Langue : Anglais / English Lyrics

Titre déposé SOCAN -

Auteurs compositeurs : Lionel Pasquier, Vanessa Kanga, Nunshak


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