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Everything, yeah,
You're everything to me

It just wouldn’t be right,
If we were not  together,
I couldn’t stand the sight, oh
If you weren’t in the picture,

Baby you’re my Everything,
You’re everything to me,
Don’t compare me to your ex,
Cuz i’m not that girl,
She left your heart in a mess,
But you should know your my world.

I feel myself breaking,
It’s like i’m being ripped open,
I’m half the woman I was when,
I was your woman,

Don’t run away from love,
This is far from a game,
I know your hearts been broken more than once,
But this time wont be the same.


My world,
Baby don’t you trust me,
Because we can make it,
Through the rain,

Without you there’s no us,
Baby you’re my everything.
Baby you’re my everything.
You’re everything to me.

You ask me questions,
Answers your heart already knows,
Because there is no comparison,
Between me and the girls that came before,
Why should I fight,
To put RIGHT their mistakes,
Why must I pay the price?
For the choices they made,
Open your heart to love again.



Paroles : Lionel PASQUIER, C.Davis - LP Music France

DAH YANA - My everything

Genre : Reggae Love
Pays : France / Langue : Anglais, English

Texte déposé Sacem - ISWC : T-702.758.327.5

Auteurs compositeurs : Lionel Pasquier, LP Music, C.Davis, T.Pyroman


Production LP MUSIC France

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