Do you hear the cry
Of being lonely
She walks into the clouds,

She says,
The river is freedom from the rain
Far away, from me and you

We’re all children of the rain
Roaming in limbo of time

Oh, oh Man’ Lilly
Oh, please don’t cry, don’t cry,

Your tears drop from the sky
With th’rain

Ouh, Ouh, Ouh, Ouh

Come on, Let’s pray for her
for Man Lilly
It’s time to find the way
To be free

She says, the river is freedom from the rain
Far away, from me and you
We’re all children of the rain
Breaking up the chains of pain

We’ll be together
We will be free

Oh Lord let’s pray for her Lilly


Auteur : Lionel Pasquier

pour Songwriting France & Parolier France

KAÏSA - Man Lilly
Genre : Jazz Gospel / World / Soul
Pays : France  Langue : Anglais

Auteurs compositeurs : Lionel Pasquier, Karim Malki

Titre déposé Sacem : 
ISWC : T-703.294.848.6



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